24 hours 7 Days a week of asset monitoring by
advanced systems for security, command & control.
Our systems support basic functionality for novice users and
advanced support for clients with sophisticated needs.

Remote Performance Management: Real-time asset tracking is a goal that most companies in the transportation and supply chain sectors aspire to achieve. Fuel efficiency, enhanced security, and workforce optimization are just a few of the results that can translate into a measurable reduction in operational costs. Monitoring the performance characteristics of vehicles and sensitive corporate property will introduce dramatic gains in asset visibility.

24dash7 Characteristics:

  • Provides unique end-to-end real time tracking, monitoring, and control capabilities.
  • Specialized in high end monitoring on vehicles, motorcycles, generators, fuel tanks, etc.
  • Diverse Solutions:
    • logistics
    • security
    • safety
    • businesses and private customers


  • Map – advanced back office software including proprietary GIS engines and unmatched reporting capabilities
  • GSM/CDMA – state of the art based tracking units, including
    • diagnostic capabilities
    • stationary anti-explosive units for gas tanker monitoring
    • immobilizers and door locks
    • refueling event detector
    • personal tracking unit for security forces, elders, and children
  • Motorcycle – tracking, theft prevention, and safety units


We have the knowledge and experience to provide strategic consulting for all of your enterprise asset tracking and fleet management needs. We understand that tracking and monitoring initiatives require the same commitment and network availability that our name implies. We strive to deliver the perfect combination of tracking hardware, wireless data, and systems development in each phase of our operation:

  • Network Management
  • Field Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Database Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Application Development
  • Hosted Solutions and Support

About Us

24Dash7 is an asset management solutions provider with a focus on delivering precise mobile tracking and location services. Our Remote Performance Management (RPM) suite unites GPS, satellite mapping, cellular communications, and advanced data analytics. We distill complex data points and present them in user-friendly formats with configurable dashboards, alerts, maps, reports, and diagnostic tools.

Leadership – At the core of the 24Dash7 enterprise is an experienced team of engineers and technology professionals, who carry a track record of success in the markets we serve. Our collective expertise in enterprise mobility, GIS, GPS, pervasive computing, asset tracking, RTLS, supply chain management, logistics, RFID, M2M, and network management allow us to deliver cost-effective solutions, which leverage the most appropriate technologies. Our talented integration and consulting teams have experience deploying off-the-shelf components and designing application-specific systems.

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